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Select district, school and teacher - then, select an accessories package.

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Accessories FAQ's

Rent Online in 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Select your School District, School, Teacher (Band or Orchestra) and Accessory Package
  2. Confirm Selection with Red Select Button
  3. Select Accessories (May Be Required by Your Director, Always Recommended by Director)
  4. Choose Your Delivery Method (School Delivery or Customer Pick Up-See Details Below)
  5. Complete Account Information (SS# and DL# not required for Accessories Only)
  6. Checkout
  • Why do you need my child's school information?

Your student's director will prefer or require certain brands and supplies and there is most often a required method book. We ask for your child's school to ensure you receive the correct products.

  • What if I can't locate my school in the school finder?

Please contact us by phone or email to let us know your school is not listed. We generally have every school listed by district, if we service the program. If you are out of our service territory but within a district we cover, please send an inquiry to and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

  • What if I don't see my accessories?

Please Contact Us at phone # 972 516-1331 should you have any questions.


Pickup in Store: The store will contact you when your accessories are ready. Please call ahead to ensure we have you order ready at the location you want to pick up at.

  • Do you offer Express Shipping for Accessory Packages?

We are sorry, but we do not currently offer express shipping on rental instruments.

  • When is the first payment due?

Deposit for accessory packages will be taken once the order is processed, within 24hours of the order being placed (excluding weekends).


  • How do I know what supplies and book(s) my child will need?

Our school educational reps work closely with each of their schools to ensue we have an accurate list of the items suggested and sometimes required by your director. You can find this list by going to our “Rent Now” page and select your district, school, and instrument. If you are unsure of what is required, check your directors list given to you at a parent meeting, or search for the school band website online. Most directors have a welcome letter and supply package recommendation posted for new members.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about my account?

Please contact us at your local store first should you have any questions about your account. Please check here to find your local store and contact number. If you find you need further assistance with your account please send an email to

  •  How does the loyalty program work?

Our loyalty program accrues credit at the rate of 5% of each qualifying transaction. All purchase will accrue credit on your account with the exception of rental payments for instruments. You can ask for your credit balance in store or by phone. You can save it for a big purchase or spend it on your next visit. You may also donate the credit to your school program. Please send an email to if you would like more info on this.