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Our purpose is to share our enjoyment of music with musicians of varying experience and ability, from the young beginning musician to aspiring professionals, hobbyists, and patrons.

Williamson Music 1st (WM1st) is a full line music instrument dealer providing the best brands available for band and orchestra.  Our desire to provide the best customer service led us to develop video lessons that we provide to all beginners on how to maintain and play their instrument, including insights on rhythm and other basics leading sound music theory.  We are proud to be the 1st in the country (that we are aware of) to provide this "online instruction manual".  Our library of videos grows daily and includes classic jazz repertoire and how to play solos, taught by recognized musicians and educators.

WM1 supports our customers with exceptional repairs.  We have been recognized by Yamaha as their first Shokunin Select dealer in the country and the only one in the state of Texas.   We maintain repairs in each location by certified technicians in order to quickly address customer needs, whether regular or emergency.

For over 50 years WM1 has developed the ability to meet our customers’ varying needs, from the beginner looking for an affordable option, to aspiring professionals looking for an edge with a top line professional instrument.  We invite you to come and join our growing community!