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Award-winning band director & music theory instructor, Rob Chilton, partners with Williamson Music 1st to produce educational & entertaining video series teaching musical literacy. Using an interactive system to engage and maintain student attention, RC Theory offers a change from the drudge of a classroom with a fun and efficient way for young musicians to form a solid foundation to build upon. Created with the modern student in mind, each scene is crafted to capture and maintain attention with special effects and graphics, as well as multiple characters with growing and intertwining storylines.

  • 4x the amount of information you get from a traditional lesson
  • 36-week curriculum 
  • Each lesson has a 20-25 minute video (split into multiple 3-5 minute videos) & worksheet to accompany.
  • Embedded questions - designed to maintain attention and track progress. 

Student’s Learn: 

  • Read, write, & perform rhythm 
  • Read notation on the staff in all clefs. 
  • Read & identify notes on the piano keyboard. 
  • Basic understanding of vocabulary 
  • First steps into composition

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